Party Boat Operators and Company Owners breaking the law

Some Lake Travis party boat operators breaking the law

I’m sure some people have seen this in the news recently. Quite honestly, it pisses me off as well that there are people out there operating without playing by the rules. I have all intentions of turning these people into the authorities when I see people who are operating illegally. I have to pay and jump through hoops to operate by the law, and everyone else should have to as well. My company Lake Travis Yacht Rentals is a legit company. I’m a registered inland waters captain with Texas Parks and Wildlife, I carry the proper party boat insurance, my yacht is inspected annually by the Texas Game Wardens, as required by the law. My boat is CERTIFIED as Texas Party Boat, with the proper safety equipment, the correct amount of life jackets, 1st Aid Kit, fire extinguishers, as well as the REQUIRED STABILITY testing. By law, I am able to accommodate 20 passengers, and two staff. I do not allow more than 15 passengers for two reasons…1. I want my customers to be comfortable and have an enjoyable experience on my yacht! 2. Safety! ┬áIf I don’t have room to operate the boat and move about the boat in an efficient manner, I cannot ensure my customers safety. I can and will produce all documentation upon request, and as a paying customer, you should ask your captain for this information.