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Lake Travis clean-up picks up 6 tons of trash

Officials want lake-goers to take a look at what lurks beneath Lake Travis.

Source: Lake Travis clean-up picks up 6 tons of trash

Lakeway police step up Labor Day patrols to stop DWIs |

Lakeway police are joining law enforcement partners in Central Texas on a no-refusal initiative to stop drunken driving this Labor Day holiday.

Source: Lakeway police step up Labor Day patrols to stop DWIs |

Boating Etiquette for the guest

We all know that there are a lot people who don’t own boats, but like to ride on them when give the opportunity to do so. So here is a list of things to do, and not to do when you are invited upon someone’s boat.

Boating Etiquette 101

Whether you’re going out on the water for an afternoon of sailing, or for a weekend of sea-faring adventures, the first rule of thumb when you’re a guest on someone’s boat is that the captain (or the skipper) is boss. His/her boat. His/her rules.

Here are some more tips to ensure you’ll get invited back the next time the boat leaves the dock:

  1. Ask permission before boarding. When boarding a boat, always ask permission from the person onboard first. “Permission to come aboard” is a standard, and appreciated, boater’s courtesy.
  2. Buy the fuel. If you’re an invited guest, offer to pay for the cost of the fuel. It’s the least you can do and will show your gratitude for being invited along for the ride.
  3. Don’t show up empty-handed. You can bet your host was at the dock before sunrise readying the boat for the journey. Offer to bring along lunch for everyone. Your skipper will appreciate having one less thing to prepare.
  4. Pack light, but smart. Bring the minimum amount of clothing for the climate—to conserve space on the boat—but be prepared. Sunscreen, sunglasses, sea sickness medication, a waterproof jacket, non-slip footer, and a warm sweater should be on your list.
  5. Play it safe. Be sure you know the “rules” of the boat. If you’re captain doesn’t tell you where the safety vests are, ask. And don’t mess with the dials, buttons, gauges, radios, or anything that even resembles an electronic instrument used to keep the boat afloat.
  6. Help the skipper. Help the skipper only if given specific instructions. This is not the time to improvise.
  7. Stay out of the way. Use common sense here. The captain has a lot to think about—traffic, weather, waves, the best place to find fish. A boat is a small space so stay out of the way when you need to.
  8. Ask before you “go.” Before you use the “head,” get proper operating instructions. No two marine heads operate alike and a clog caused by excessive amounts of toilet tissue can be expensive (and messy!) In some boats, “If it did not go in your mouth it does not go in the head,” so it’s better to ask first!
  9. Quiet down. If you’re a nighthawk, and you’re spending the night at sea with friends, be sure to keep the noise to a minimum after the “early-to-bed” guests have turned in for the night.
  10. Keep it clean. Another no-brainer here, but “If you make a mess, clean it up,” or you’re likely to be removed from the captain’s guest list the next time he sets sail. Be sure to dispose of the trash AFTER you dock.
  11. Don’t rock the boat. Wait until the boat has docked to gather your personal items and make your way off the boat. The sudden shift can distract the captain as he is trying to dock.

Bookings available for Labor Day Weekend!

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bachelorette party on Lake Travis

bachelorette party on Lake Travis

Bachelorette Party on 7/18/15 – great group of ladies!

This past Saturday, we hosted two bachelorette parties on Lake Travis. What a wonderful group of young ladies we had on board!  Towards the end of the 1st charter, we encountered an issue with the boat drivetrain, but since we do all our own work on the yacht, we were able to have the boat back up and running within an hour to accommodate our second group. That’s what is great about renting from us, we always do our best to accommodate our customer, not just cancel their charter like a lot of other companies do in this business. So if you are looking to have a great time on Lake Travis this summer, definitely give us a call and book charter asap….. We are currently booked until August 8th. If you would like to see what our customers think of us, take a look at our Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews! 🙂

bachelorette party on Lake Travis

bachelorette party on Lake Travis

We are completely booked for July 4th, but we have the 3rd and 5th dates available!


When you are looking to book a boat on Lake Travis for a holiday weekend, you need to schedule at least a month ahead of time!   We do have July 3rd, and July 5th bookings available at this time!  So if you would like some time on the lake this weekend, book now!!!!

Huge vortex opens on Lake Texoma!

This is the way boat docking is done at Lake Travis Yacht Rentals!

Take the stress away from docking, anchoring, etc – let us do the work for you at Lake Travis Yacht Rentals!   This is how our captain gets it done! lol

Bachelorette party today with Lake Travis Yacht Rentals!

Pretty ladies in Devil's Cove

Pretty ladies in Devil’s Cove

Fun loving gals in Devil's Cove for bachlorette party

Fun loving gals in Devil’s Cove for bachlorette party

Interesting article for boat owners with a cabin – great read!

How to get rid of boat odors!