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Yacht Spotting

Q: What is it like shooting yachts in a European setting?

A: For me, it is incredible to take yacht pictures in the French Riviera. I really like to take pictures of yachts, in particular, when they are in amazing places like Villefranche Sur Mer, Theoule Sur Mer, Cap d’Antibes or Antibes.

Q: What has been your favorite photo to take so far?

A: That is a difficult question to answer, but I think that one of my favorite superyacht photos is a night shot of Serene, taken on May 2014 during the Cannes Film Festival at the Cap d’Antibes.

Q: How did you arrive at shooting yachts?

A: Before photographing superyachts, I took car pictures, especially in Cannes and Monaco, and step-by-step I started to take superyachts pictures in Monaco. In 2013, I started to concentrate on superyachts pictures after I saw Quattroelle in my city (Cagnes Sur Mer) for the first time.

From then on, I never stopped taking superyachts pictures. The French Riviera is one of the best places in the world to see superyachts. It is now a real passion for me, I like yachts and I really like to take superyacht photos.

Q: What has been your favorite superyacht to photograph?

A: My favorite superyacht to shoot is Rising Sun, built by Lürssen, because I always take very nice pictures of this yacht in amazing places like Antibes, Villefranche Sur Mer, Cannes and Cagnes sur Mer.

Q: Tell us something we don’t know about you from your photographs?

A: I always use my bike when I’m going to take yacht pictures.

Taking pictures of yachts is not very easy, because most of the time they are in a particular area, sometimes I need to walk a long time with my bike next to me on the rocks to get the shot I want.

And the most difficult part is to take photos at night because I have to wait a long time before taking a good picture with well-placed yachts.

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