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Check out this “Gigayacht”

The Gigayacht!

yacht image

Rain hit Kingsland hard! Which means water for Lake Travis!


Mansfield Dam opens for boat traffic!

Mansfield Dam opens!

Lake Travis might just fill up this summer!

We’ve been in a drought here in Austin a long time, and it’s definitely affected Lake Travis, Lake Travis businesses, and the boating traffic over the past few years. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a ton of great times and partying taking place, but I know myself and many others would like to see it back to the scale it was!   Check out this video!

Summer forecast you have been waiting for!


I’ve been looking at ways to dress up my yacht for our customers…what ya think?

Party on our party boat this 4th of July – see video!

Party this 4th of July in Devil's Cove on our party boat with the hottest girls and guys

Party this 4th of July in Devil’s Cove on our party boat with Lake Travis Yacht Rentals

Awesome Birthday party on our party boat!


Awesome video of the fun to come in Devil’s Cove on Memorial Day Weekend!

Another kick-ass bachelor party with Lake Travis Yacht Rentals!

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